1. Participants are to post ONE (1) written work of their choice. Submitted works can be anything from song, album or concert reviews to editorials, op-eds, or new ideas. However, they must be critical in nature.
  2. All works must be in English. While we welcome diversity we also need to be able to understand each other! This is first and foremost a writing workshop. Work in another language will not only be unfamiliar to some, if not all, of the other participants, it will also be difficult for us to supply appropriate critiques. English is a common ground for the majority and it will be the language this workshop is conducted in.
  3. Works must be unpublished and the participant must hold the rights to it. In order to maximize the workshop experience we provide, we now ask that submitted works are unpublished. However, participants must still hold full authorship rights. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism -- participants who submit plagiarized works will have their slots immediately revoked.
  4. There is no minimum or maximum length, nor is there a standard for the quality of the work. However in order to make the most of this opportunity we suggest that submitted works are ready to be published or reflect the best you can do right now, but wish to further improve.
  5. Collaborative pieces will not be accepted. The goal of this workshop is to give feedback to each writer. It will be difficult for the other participants to divide the text between authors and impossible to divide the main idea and pinpoint the specific author of that idea, more so because they are critical works.
  6. Failing to accomplish any (or all) of the stages by their respective deadlines means forfeiture of your slot in the workshop. Authorship rights to the blog will be revoked immediately after the missed deadline and are irreversible.
  7. As a workshop participant you are not allowed to share the works submitted by your fellow writers outside of the blog and the participants in any way, shape or form while the workshop is ongoing. Not even a tweet of a line or a paraphrased version. This is basic intellectual property and because of the inevitability of future publication we ask that you respect your fellow writers and their work. After revisions though you may ask the writers of the works you are interested in if you want to use their work for whatever reasons. The K-Pop Writers' Workshop holds no responsibility for what you do with your pieces after the workshop period ends.
  8. We operate on a system of mutual respect. As a writer you are expected to respect your fellow writers. As a reader respect the writers who took time to write the works you read, and as a critic please respect the ideas, ideologies and opinions of the writers you give feedback to.


  1. I don't really understand no 6. So it means if I write two posts on this workshop, but I can't submit my third post, my two previous posts won't be given back to me?

  2. Hi! Please see condition #1 (you are only required to submit one piece) and the flowchart of the workshop system (here: http://kpopwritersworkshop.blogspot.com/p/how.html) -- each stage of the workshop (posting your piece, commenting on others' pieces, revising, etc.) has a deadline that must be met. Failure to meet any one of those deadlines means you forfeit your slot in the workshop. Hope that clears things up! ^_^


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