Workshop Head

Twitter: @noxrivera
Writing Since: I started writing reviews in 2008, and later branched out to K-Pop hard journalism in 2009.
Current Writing Projects/Jobs: at the moment, just The K-Pop Writers' Workshop!
Past Writing Projects/Jobs: OMGKPOP news editor (2009-2010), Babelpop contributor (2009-2010), The Kpop Nation Editor-in-Chief and Network Administrator (2009-2011), SOOMPI columnist (2011-2012), I also did some brainstorming for Popjustice back in 2012.
Favorite K-Pop Blogs: I hardly read blogs anymore these days so my favorites are a bit dated, but I love Dramabeans, A Splash of Inspiration, theONESHOTS, Critical Kpop, and I have quite a few friends over at Seoulbeats so I read it every now and then.
My writing experience so far has been... nothing short of amazing. I've had extremely low points, sure, but I've also learned so, so much and had some amazing experiences. A Philippine Blog Award, citations by Virgin Music, the BBC Chart Blog and a host of artists' official websites, countless chances to learn from the best in music writing at soompi, Popjustice, etc. -- none of it has really sunk in yet, but what I do know is that I'm so thankful for every single opportunity. But what's harder to grasp is that it can only get better, because I want to make a career out of this and I know I still have a long way to go.
The best part of The K-Pop Writers' Workshop is... knowing that I'm in a position to help, encourage, and maybe even inspire, other writers. Working with all these ridiculously talented people is an honor and such a humbling experience!

Facilitator: Personal Essays and Creative Non-Fiction

Twitter: @hastyteenflick
Writing Since: I've been writing for as long as I remember, and that means even before the internet was invented (yes, I *am* that old!) Whether it be scribbling furiously in journals since I was eight, to producing my own fanzines about teen heroes and idols, to cannibalizing personal experiences on Livejournal for the LULZ, to attempting to pinpoint what it is about pop culture that gives me so much life, writing has always been my main means of self-expression, the lens through which I choose to examine my passions and the conduit to my own consciousness.
Current Writing Projects/Jobs: Sporadically updating my personal K-pop-centric blog
Past Writing Projects/Jobs: I have contributed to and was also a story editor for The One Shots. Fandom-wise, I have a few fics scattered here and there ;)
Favorite K-Pop Blogs: The One Shots, Pop Reviews Now!, Seoulbeats, Asian Junkie, Asia 24/7. I also like stumbling upon personal K-pop-centric blogs!
My writing experience so far has been... a process of self-discovery. The type of writing I do in my personal life is rooted in examining personal experiences and using those experiences to deepen my own insights about what I am passionate about.
The best part of The K-Pop Writers' Workshop is... the support and feedback you get from other K-pop fans who happen to be writers. As someone who previously held on to the idea that writing cannot be taught, my experience with The K-pop Writers' Workshop has given me so many tools with which to hone my skills as a writer. This workshop is a safe, supportive space for writers who wish to explore and develop their voice within the fandom.

Facilitator: Expository Essays and Op-Eds

Twitter: @RadioPalava
Writing Since: 2012
Current Writing Projects/Jobs: Beyond Hallyu Contributing Writer
Past Writing Projects/Jobs: n/a
Favorite K-Pop Blogs: Maddie Loves Kpop, Angry Kpop Fan,, Outside Seoul, Totally Amazing
My writing experience so far has been... joyful, effortful, challenging, and full of learning!
The best part of The K-Pop Writers' Workshop is... learning alongside others who are excited to share their thinking about k-entertainment.

Facilitator: Reviews

Twitter: @depthsandbeyond
Writing Since: April 2013
Other Writing Projects/Jobs: N/A
Past Writing Projects/Jobs: Seoulbeats (Apr 2013-Feb 2014)
Favorite K-Pop Blogs: A Talking Cupboard, Problematic of the Unproblematic, Korean Indie, SPQ&R, The Vault, The Aspiring Kpop Reviewer and more. Blogrolls are often the best place to find suggestions, and if you're the adventurous type, I'd even recommend traversing Tumblr for shorter reviews as well. Sometimes the best stuff comes in small pieces!
My writing experience so far has been... a journey rivaling that of Odysseus. Okay, I was just kidding about a journey worthy of Homer's retelling, but K-pop writing has taught me more about writing than much of my English education and it has made a huge impact on how I think about culture in general. Of course there are many ups and downs that are associated with the process, though like most things in life, the good makes it all worthwhile.
The best part of The K-Pop Writers' Workshop is... getting a chance to work with diverse and talented writers who want to share their writing talents and interests in Korean popular culture. The K-Pop Writers' Workshop is nothing without passionate people wanting to get the best out of their peers.

Facilitator: Reviews (Fifth Workshop)

Twitter: @tong_lexi
Writing Since: April 2013
Current Writing Projects/Jobs: Seoulbeats Editor (Feb. 2014 - Present), Metaleater Film Reviewer (April 2013-Present)
Past Writing Projects/Jobs: Seoulbeats Staff Writer (April 2013 - Feb. 2014)
Favorite K-Pop Blogs: theONESHOTS, Beyond Hallyu, and whatever I find on my Twitter feed or Tumblr dash.
My writing experience so far has been... filled with ups and downs but always rewarding.
The best part of The K-Pop Writers' Workshop is... the community because we're all in different parts of the world, and yet we come together to talk about K-pop and writing, which I find amazing and encouraging.


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