Our system is heavily influenced by the writing workshop system used in teaching creative writing to students and professionals alike. We believe that fostering an environment where all writers are both students and mentors allows for not only better writing, but more developed critical thinking skills as well as countless chances to network and create working relationships between writers.

For the fourth K-Pop Writers' Workshop we are making major changes to our basic three-step system (submit a post, get feedback, revise) by strengthening the feedback component, the backbone of the entire workshop. By dividing participants into three paths based on form we aim to provide more focused, helpful feedback. We are also strengthening our revisions component by focusing on preparing pieces for publication -- all workshopped pieces will be published by major editorial teams we have partnered with, so this revised system allows for at least two rounds of revision.

Formal Reviews
Pieces which analyze, problematize and/or recommend a product of Korean popular culture (e.g., a song, album, drama series, movie, etc.) by means of “close readings” or informed opinions.
Sample pieces: Album Review: f(x)'s Pink Tape (By path facilitator Shweta) | Single Review: Miss A - "Hush" (By workshop head Nicole) | End of the World Episode 1 Recap (By path facilitator Shweta)
Expository Essays and Op-Eds
Pieces which discuss Korean popular culture in relation the "bigger picture," for example -- (1) broader sociocultural issues that influence the K-entertainment industry as a whole, (2) the significance of specific products (songs, dramas, etc.) within the Korean cultural imagination and/or kpop subculture, and/or (3) the impact of cultural issues in the creation of and/or public response to K-entertainment.
Sample pieces: (1) Reframing the Plastic Surgery Debate (By Lizzie of partner site BeyondHallyu) | (2) More love, more hugs: a new model for pop music production in B1A4’s 이게 무슨 일이야?/What’s Happening (By path facilitator Kay) | (3) Hope, tragedy, and han in Akdong Musician’s Melted (By path facilitator Kay)
Personal Essays and Creative Non-Fiction
Pieces which critically discuss aspects of Korean popular culture through accounts of personal experiences with its products, producers and/or other components of the industry.
Sample piece: Confessions of a Nugu Noona (Creative Non-Fiction; By path facilitator Danice)


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